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Description of Roles

When adding a new user, selecting a user’s role is required.  Each role has varying amount of access to the CMS system.  The administrator can either keep the user’s default permissions that are granted as a result of their role, or add additional permissions to any role.

There are four different roles for users.  In order from most access to least access, these roles include:  Web Administrator, Content Publisher, Content Editor, and Staff Member.   

It is possible to grant extra permissions to any role in order to grant that user additional rights.

Web Administrator

Web Administrators have full access to every aspect of the system. They have the ability to add, edit, and delete all users on the CMS software system. They have rights to change content on any page of the website and are able to publish those changes to the public. They have the right to add, delete, and edit all files, calendars, news and all other modules offered by the CMS.

Content Publisher

Content Publishers have the ability to edit and publish changes to assigned web pages, and add or delete pages below any page they have permission to manage. In addition, Content Publishers will receive 'Ready to Publish' emails for pages they have been assigned to when a content editor marks a page as Ready to Publish.

Content Publishers receive the permission “Manage Assigned Pages” by default, which allows them—on the pages for which they have been granted permission—to add and delete pages, move pages, and hide and unhide (“Show”) pages.  A content publisher must be granted permission to either all or specific pages before they will be able to edit or publish them.

Content Editor

Content Editors can edit the content of their assigned pages. They rely on Content Publishers to publish their work so that the public can see their changes. A Content editor will be unable to edit any pages until they are granted permission to specific pages. Content Editors can be granted permission to manage assigned pages so they can publish them but they won't receive 'Ready to Publish' emails from other editors.

Staff Member

Staff members do not by default have any of the rights listed above. A Staff Member role is used so that the person appears in the staff directory. They can be granted the ability to log into the system in order to manage their personal profile and contact information. Staff members can be granted permission to edit or publish assigned pages, or access to different modules as-needed.

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