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Create Accessible WORD or PDF documents

It is recommended to convert all documents uploaded to the website to PDF format. Foxbright will provide a link on all pages to download the PDF viewer. When using other formats such as Excel, Word, PPT, etc., a link to download the appropriate viewer should be made available on the page.

MS Word Tips

  1. Use Headings in the document so that it is properly tagged for a screen reader.
  2. Add Alternative Text for any images in the document.
  3. Add a Title to the Document. Select "File" and under "Properties" there will be a "Title" field to add an appropriate title for the document.
  4. Microsoft Word has a built in accessibility checker that can be used before saving as a PDF.  Select "File" and select the "Check for Issues" button next to Inspect Document. From the list select "Check Accessibility". 

To learn more about creating accessible Word and PDF documents visit Section 508: Create Accessible Documents

Free PDF Accessibility Checker

The freeware program PAC provides a fast way to test the accessibility of PDF files. Please note that this is a 3rd party tool and is not supported or guaranteed by Foxbright. 

Learn more about the Free PDF Accessibility Checker PAC

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