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Updating Staff Information (Add and Edit Staff / Users)

Staff directory data is pulled from and maintained in the Staff / Users area of the CMS Control Panel.  Only Web Administrators or users with permission to manage the staff directory have access to the Staff / Users tab.

Add a new staff member

  1. Click on the Staff / Users tab
  2. Click the Add Staff/User button.
  3. Choose a Logon Name for the account. If Can Logon is set to Yes, a password will be required.
  4. Select a Role for the staff member. 
    Note: If the person you are entering will not be maintaining the website other than logging in to maintain their own staff profile, select the Staff Member role.  For more information, see the description of roles article.
  5. The Authenticate Using dropdown can change what Username/Password is used for logging into the site. The internal selection will use the logon/password added to the account in the CMS.
  6. Enter the Name and Contact Information for the account. The data in these fields are used in staff lists/directories.

Staff Directory Tab


  1. Click the Staff Directory tab to reveal additional settings. Set Display in Staff Directory to Yes if they should be included in staff lists/directories. By default No is selected.
  2. When displaying a user in staff directories, and entry in the Staff Responsibilities is required. Click Add to reveal the Building, Department and Position fields. Select the Building, Department and Position for the user. Note: The District dropdown is only used by ISDs, RESAs or other multi-district organizations and can otherwise be left alone. If the needed responsibility is not available in any of the other lists, a Web Administrator can add a new building, department and or position. See Managing Buildings, Departments and Positions. Multiple Staff Responsibilities can be added if needed.

Profile Tab

  1. Click the Profile tab to access profile or bio information for the user.
  2. Set Display Profile to Yes if the user should have a staff profile. Even when set to yes, staff profiles aren't available to the public until they've been published.
  3. Upload a Profile Photo by clicking the Select New Image to Upload button. This photo will be placed on the user's profile, and is available to display in Staff Cards or Staff Listing block types.
  4. A Profile Summary area may be available if it has been activated for a website. Content in this area adds bio information to Staff Cards blocks and should be kept short.

Groups Tab

  • Click the Groups tab to add the user to available groups.
  • Protected Groups - Selecting a protected group will grant the user access to protected pages on the site associated with this group, commonly used for intranet pages.
  • Directory Groups - Selecting a Directory Group will add the user to a directory group being used to filter a staff list block. Most websites don't use directory groups, but they can be useful for displaying a set group of staff members when filtering by building, department, or position doesn't suffice.

Editing staff member information

  1. Click the Staff / Users tab.
  2. Search for the staff member to be modified by using the search fields or filters.
  3. Click on the Settings icon next to the person’s name and choose Edit.
  4. Make any changes or additions that are necessary..
  5. Click Save.
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