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Audio and Video - Transcripts/Captions

Videos and Audio Files

For ADA Compliance, Audio and Video files require captions and/or transcriptions.

Captions (video only)

Captions are a text version of the speech and sound in the video. They are displayed over the video and can be turned on or off by the video player.  

Transcripts (audio and video)

Transcripts are a written account of the audio or video and are provided in a separate file. Transcripts should contain additional descriptions, explanations, or comments that may be beneficial, such as indications of laughter or an explosion. A link to the transcript document should immediately follow the video or audio file.

Adding Captions to Videos

Vimeo and YouTube both offer different ways to create and add captions to videos. There are also service providers that specialize in video captions and transcripts. Search “captions” and the name of the video site provider used (vimeo or youtube) to find different options for adding captions.

Here are some resources to get started:

Captions in Vimeo

Captions in YouTube

How to create a caption file for YouTube videos

Automatic Captioning

YouTube provides a resource to auto caption videos.  When using this option, it is good to review the captions as the voice recognition may not always be correct. Captions can be edited to correct these errors.

YouTube Automatic Captioning Instructions

Online Captioning Tools

Foxbright does not endorse, support or guarantee the following online resources.  These resources are provided as examples of available tools by doing simple internet searches.

the Caption Generator

HTML5 Video Caption Maker

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