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Allowing staff to edit their account information or profile

Once a staff member is set up in the directory, it is possible for them to maintain the information on their own.

  1. Click on the Staff / Users tab
  2. Find and Edit the staff account.
  3. Set Can Logon to Yes.
  4. Enter a UserId and Password for the staff member.
  5. Click on Save.

Note: The ability to login will allow the staff to login and update their basic contact information.

Staff Profiles

A Staff profile can be activated for the staff member via the Profile tab in their account information. If their account has the ability to login, they will be able to edit their profile. If they haven't been granted permission to publish their own profile, a content publisher assigned to the account or building will receive Ready to Publish emails when the staff member makes changes.

To grant a user permission to publish their own profile, click the gear icon next to their name in the Staff / Users list and choose Permissions. Under the Staff Pages tab, there is a setting for Can Self Publish Profile Pages. In the same tab, other users can be selected as publishers for this account or the staff member being edited can be granted permission to publish other staff member's pages or permission to publish for all staff in a selected building.

Note: All changes to the profile, regardless of whether they are made by the staff member or the system administrator must be published before the changes will be available on the website. A newly activated profile will not be available to the public until it has been published.

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