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Displaying Staff Directories

A staff directory can be displayed in multiple ways and in multiple places on your website.  The colors, spacing and columns that are displayed are configured by Foxbright in order to coordinate with the rest of the site design. All of the data displayed in a staff directory is pulled from a Staff / User's account information.

Create a Searchable Staff Directory

  1. Select the Web Pages tab and click Page Tree.
    Note: Skip to step 4 if adding a Staff Directory to a pre-existing page.
  2. Find the area of the website were adding the staff directory, and click on Add Page to create a new page.
  3. Enter the Page/Menu Name and Save to return back to the Page Tree.
  4. Choose Edit on the right of the page you wish to add the staff directory.
  5. Click an available content window and select Change Block.
    Note: If the content window you wish to add the Staff Directory to is Inactive/Hidden, click on it and select Add Block.
  6. In the Change Processor window, select from the Select Processor dropdown menu either Staff Listing, Mini Staff Search, or Staff Directory with Search depending on how you want the directory displayed on the page.
  7. Click Change Processor. The Staff Directory is now created and ready for editing.
  8. Select either the default Column Listing or the alternative Row Listing display style.  Display styles do not control color schemes, which are configured by Foxbright upon installation. Row Listing works well when using a staff listing on the sidebar for a page.

    Column Listing

    Row Listing
  9. Click Save
  10. Preview / Publish the page

Staff Directory Settings:

  • Filter – Use the filter settings if you desire to display only a sub-set of the entire staff directory.  Simply select any combination of the District, Building, Department and Title that you would like to view.
  • Group – Select how to group the data that will be displayed.  For example, a primary grouping by building will display the building address followed by a listing of all the people that work in that building.  Use a secondary group in order to achieve a group-within-a-group organization.
  • Sort – Select what field you would like to order the staff.  Selecting to sort by Name sorts the staff by their last name.  If a sort order of Building, Department or Title is selected, then the sort order will follow the order specified in the Sort Order Rank in Configuration.  See Staff Directory Configuration for how to change this sort order.
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