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Staff Directory Configuration: Managing Buildings, Departments and Positions

Using the configuration settings of the CMS, it is possible to add new Buildings, Departments, and Positions for use in the staff directory.  It is in this area that it is also possible to control the display order of the information.  This is helpful in order to make sure that important positions or departments always appear on the top of staff directory views. Only Web Administrators, or Staff / Users with permission to Manage Staff Directory can adjust these settings.

  1. Select the Configuration Tab.
  2. Click on Buildings.
    Note: Although the example found below will use Buildings, the three options: Buildings, Departments and Positions are similar to use. Building Settings contain fields such as address, phone etc. These should be filled if the Building Information content type block is being placed on building / school landing pages. This is often placed in the footer of the landing page. Building information can also be included in building specific staff listings.
  3. Click Add Building to add a new building to the list
  4. Enter the Name of the new building, as well as any contact information that you would like to display.
    Note: The Website URL field should be left out unless your district is implementing building themes or subsites.
  5. Click on Save.
  6. Next click on Sort Building to adjust the order in which the buildings will display.
  7. Drag the building to the order you would like them to appear.
  8. Click on Save.  The CMS will automatically normalize the numbering you used in order to facilitate future changes.
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