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Introduction to the News Module

The Foxbright CMS News Module provides a centralized location to manage all your news, press releases and articles.  It gives the web user a standardized and nicely styled news page where news articles can easily be found based on article summaries.  It also gives you the flexibility of whether or not to display the news article in a prominent “Headline News” section, provides for a streamlined method of uploading news article documents, and automatically moves the article to an archive area at a date that you set. 

News also has an RSS feature, allowing parents and others to subscribe to any news section. A newer feature that can be enabled by your Web Administrator is the ability to “Share” News articles via Facebook, Twitter or email.

Steps to Create and Add News to your Web Page

Creating the first news article to appear on your website consists of three steps:

  1. Creating the News Section(s)
  2. Creating the News Article(s)
  3. Creating a web page to display the articles on your website.

Note: Once the web page has been created, all newly created news articles appear instantly on the web page.

Creating various news sections helps you organize your news articles into useful categories.  As you think through which news sections to create, keep in mind that each web page or upcoming news area can only show the news from a single news section, so keep your target audience in mind when you are thinking through the various news sections that you need. CMS staff / users can be granted access to add news articles to one or more news sections. 

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