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Adding a New Event

To Add an Event to your calendar you will need to follow the following steps. Please note that you must have created a calendar before you can add events. Please see Adding a New Calendar.

  1. Select the Calendars tab from the CMS administrative panel.
  2. Click Add Calendar Event to add an event.

The Add Event Form will be displayed, please note that required fields are indicated with the red asterisk.


Required Fields

  1. Select the Primary Calendar  from the drop down list. (Only calendars that you are assigned to edit will appear in this list.)
  2. Enter the Event Title. The title should be descriptive as it will be shown on the calendar.
  3. Enter the Event Start and End Dates.  By default the End Date will be the same as the Start Date.

Optional Fields

  1. Start and End Time: uncheck the "All Day" box to reveal the fields to enter a start and end time. All events that have a start time, must have an end time.
  2. Cost: Enter the cost associated with the event.  This field displays in the calendar details.
  3. Location: Enter the location of the event. This field displays in the calendar details.
  4. Event Description: Enter a detailed description of the event if needed. You can include a map or other helpful information regarding the event.
  5. Attached File: Upload a flyer or registration form for the event. If you upload a file, be sure to enter the File Title as this will be the link text used.

Save Event

Select the "Save" Button to save the event to your calendar.

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