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Adding and Managing Calendar Events

Before adding new events, a calendar must be created to add the events to. See adding a calendar if a new calendar must be created.

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Adding a Calendar Event

  1. Click the Calendars tab from the CMS admin panel. This will navigate to the calendar events list. Note: Click the (+) button in the admin panel menu to go directly to the add calendar event form.
  2. Click the Add Event button to add an event from the calendar events list.


The Add Event Form will be displayed, required fields are indicated with the red asterisk.

Required Fields

  1. Select the Primary Calendar from the drop down list. Only calendars a user has permission to will be available.
  2. Enter the Event Title. The title should be descriptive as it will be shown on the calendar.
  3. Enter the Event Start and End Dates.  By default the End Date will be the same as the Start Date. Extending the end date will make the event span multiple days.

Optional Fields

  1. Start and End Time: uncheck the "All Day" box to reveal the fields to enter a start and end time. All events that have a start time, must have an end time.
  2. Cost: Enter the cost associated with the event.  This field displays in the calendar details.
  3. Location: Enter the location of the event. This field displays in the calendar details.
  4. Attached File: Upload a flyer or registration form for the event. The File Title will be the link text used for the file.
  5. Event Description: Enter a description of the event if needed. Descriptions can include text or additional links.

Secondary Calendars

The Secondary calendars tab allows an event to be shared on multiple calendars.


Click the "Save" Button to save and add the event to the selected primary and secondary calendars. The event will immediately be displayed on any page displaying these calendars. See displaying calendars on a page to learn how to add a calendar to a page.

Managing Calendar Events

Click the Calendars option in the admin panel menu to view the Calendar Events List page. Each event will have a gear icon next to the event. Note: Events pulled from a 3rd party via iCal integration will not have a gear icon nor can they be edited in the Foxbright CMS. They must be managed in the 3rd party calendar system. 

In the gear icon there are two options:

  • Edit - this will open the calendar event form and allow updating any of the calendar details.
  • Copy - this will copy the calendar event. When selected, the Add Event form will open with all the fields populated based on the data from the original event. Any of the fields can be updated for the new copy. Once saved, the copied event will be added to the selected calendar.
  • Delete - this will delete the event and remove it from any calendars it has been shared on.

Additional controls related to multiple events such as purging, exporting, or importing events can be found by clicking the List Calendars button and clicking the gear icon for a specific calendars. See managing calendars for more information.

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