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Deleting a Calendar and All Events

Calendars can be deleted. When you delete a calendar, all events associated with the calendar are also deleted.  When deleting a calendar please note that: 

  • If a calendar is deleted and a web page was displaying the calendar’s content, the area on the web page will be blank.

    If a calendar is deleted with an event that has been shared with other calendars, the event will be deleted in all calendars.

To delete a Calendar, you must

  1. Find the Calendar in Manage Calendars
  2. Select the Delete Option

Finding a Calendar

 Select the Manage Calendars option form the Calendars Menu.

You will be presented a list of all the calendars.  Locate the calendar in the list you wish to delete.

Selecting the Delete Option

Click the Gear to the right of the calendar name and select the Delete option.  Please note that if you don't have permissions to a calendar, you will not see the calendar in the list.

You will be presented a delete calendar confirmation form.  From this form you can expand the blue bar to view all events that will be deleted.  You will need to check the "Confirm Delete" box and then select the Delete button to delete the calendar and all events.


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