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Activating Staff Profile Pages


  1. Click on the Staff / Users tab
  2. Find and Edit the staff account.
  3. Under the Profile tab, select Yes to display profile.
  4. A profile photo can be uploaded to accompany the profile.  Click on Select New Image to Upload to add a profile photo.
  5. The Profile/Bio area (only visible if activated for the site) is used to short bios that are added to the Staff Cards staff listing block.
  6. Click Save when done.
  7. Now Staff Pages will be an option in the Settings menu next to a user’s name.
  8. Select Staff Pages to edit the user's profile in the same fashion as any other web page in the CMS. Alternatively, click on the Web Pages tab and choose Find Staff Pages from the page tree dropdown to view all teacher pages. As with all other pages, it is necessary to publish staff profile pages before they will be available to the public.


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