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Introduction to Foxbright Calendars

Foxbright Calendars keep parents and community members aware of events throughout the year and displays seamlessly with the Foxbright for Schools website. The Foxbright CMS allows creation of individual calendars for particular groups, (school buildings, athletic or music departments) or for the district as a whole. Multiple calendars to be viewed together, presenting the information the way that works best for each community.

Google Calendars

Foxbright integrates with Google Calendars or other 3rd party calendars that support iCAl. For instructions, see Integrating Google Calendars.

Calendar Overview

The two key terms used in the context of the Foxbright Calendars include:

  1. “Calendars” and
  2. “Events”.


A “Calendar” is a container for a collection of events that pertain to or are important to a specific group in the school or district. How to add a calendar


All the activities that appear on the calendars are added as “Events”. The details about the activity such as start date, end date, time, cost, and location are specified when an event is created or edited. When events are created they belong to a single “primary calendar”, however an event can be shared across as many calendars as necessary. How to add an event

Sharing Events on Multiple Calendars

Sharing Events allows for a single event to show on multiple calendars. For example, the athletics department often has a group of events (practices, games, tournaments) that pertain mostly to their specific members. If, however, there is an important event in the athletics department (homecoming game), it might be helpful to share this event on the district calendar.

Displaying Calendars on the Website

Calendars, once created and having events added, are easy to add to your web site. Foxbright provides 3 different Calendar displays: Mini Calendar, Upcoming Events, Full Month/Agenda. How to add a calendar to a page


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