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Adding a New Calendar

Before adding events you must first create a calendar to "contain" the events.  A separate calendar can be created for any group or department that has a set of activities to communicate to the public. 

: You must have permissions to add a new calendar. Please contact your web administrator if you do not have permissions to add a new calendar.

Adding a Calendar

  1. Select Calendars from the CMS administrative panel.
  2. Click Add Calendar.

The Add Calendar Form is displayed.

  1. Type in a Calendar Name to associate with this calendar.
  2. Choose Internal Foxbright Calendar for the Calendar Type.
  3. Click Save.

Advanced Permissions

Once a calendar is created, you can assign rights to manage the calendar events to other editors. 

Assign Editors by selecting users from the Available Editors list and clicking on them to move them to the Selected Editors.  You can remove an editor by Clicking on the name again and they will be moved back to the Available Editor area.

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