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Importing Events from ics / iCal File

The Foxbright calendar system supports importing events from an .ics file (ical format) The ics format is the industry standard calendar events. Most calendar systems will allow the export of calendar data in the .ics format.

Please use the following steps to import events from an .ics file:

  • Add the Calendar if a calendar does not already exist. See Adding a New Calendar.
  • Find the Calendar using Manage Calendars
  • Select the Import iCal Events option

Finding the Calendar

 Select the Manage Calendars in the calendar area of the admin panel.

You will be presented a list of calendars.  Find your calendar in the list.

Select the Import iCal Events Option

  1. Click the gear icon next to the calendar in question and choose Import iCal Events.

  1. Choose Browse for ICal File to select the calendar event file from the computer.
  2. Selected either Purge Events, to remove events already in the calendar or Keep Events to keep the already added events during the upload.
  3. Choose Save and the new events will be added.

 Note: Please contact Foxbright Support if the third party file isn’t uploading properly. Occasionally an .ics file may not work properly depending on the third party export features, but with some adjustments, most .ics files will work as intended.

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