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Creating and Managing News Posts and Feeds

Creating the first news article to appear on your website consists of three steps:

  1. Creating the News Feed(s)
  2. Creating the News Post(s)
  3. Adding News Feeds to a page.

Creating various news sections helps you organize your news articles into useful categories.  As you think through which news sections to create, keep in mind that each web page or upcoming news area can only show the news from a single news section, so keep your target audience in mind when you are thinking through the various news sections that you need. CMS staff / users can be granted access to add news articles to one or more news sections. 

Creating a News Feed

The following steps indicate how to create a news feed. Use news sections to group like articles together.

  1. Select the News tab from the CMS administrative panel.
  2. Click Add News Section.
  3. In the News Section Name field, type in the name of the section you would like to create. This should be a unique and descriptive name for the type of news to be contained in this section.
  4. In the Permissions section of the screen, click the name of CMS users that you would like to have access to the news section to add them to the selected editors list.
    Note: This can also be done after the news section is created. See Managing News Permissions.
  5. Click Save. The News Section has now been added and is ready to be linked to News Articles.

Creating News Posts

There are several fields associated with each News Post.  Some are required, some are optional.  These fields allow customization of various options such as whether or not articles would contain Sub-Titles, have a custom Display Date, etc. In this article will review the ‘required’ fields which must be populated before the News Article can be saved.  The article will also identify and explain the use of the ‘optional’ fields associated with News Articles.

News Posts - Required Fields

  1. Select the News option from the CMS administrative panel menu.
  2. Select Add News Post.
  3. In the Primary News Feed, select the news section this news article belongs to.
    Note: Articles can be shared across as many news sections as desired; however, each article must “belong” to one section. To do this, click on the name of the Secondary News Sections the article should be displayed on to move it to the Selected list.
  4. In the Post Title, enter a descriptive title (headline.)  This title will display on your News Page and should accurately describe the news article.
  5. In the Date field, enter the date the news article should be displayed on the News Page. 
    Note: This date can be set in the future. The article will not be displayed on the News Page until that time.
  6. In the Archive Date field, enter the date that this news article should be removed from the News Page and moved to the archives.  This date is not displayed publicly and must be later than the Date field.
  7. The Summary field allows you to type an article summary, using complete editor functionality.  While it is possible to link to pictures, etc., keep in mind that this is a summary of the article and should be brief. If the Article has a significant amount of content, it should be reserved for the Article Detail area.
  8. Display in News Headlines isn’t required, but it is recommended to select yes for all articles so that the article is available to a News Headlines section. News Headlines are an alternative format to display news from the standard news section.
  9. Headlines End Date isn’t a required field. Enter the date to remove the news article from the headline news section.  Leave the field blank to have the article removed from headlines on the Archive Date as described in step 6. This date is not displayed publicly.
  10. Save the article.

Enhancing News Posts – Optional Fields

There are several ‘optional’ fields available that enhance the functionality / display of the News Article.  Following are the optional fields and explain how they are used.  These fields can be populated when the News Article is created or at a later time using the Edit functionality.

  • Post Sub Title: The sub-headline for the news article displays underneath the Article Title and provides more detail regarding the News Article.
    Note: Some site designs have the Sub Title styled to NOT display. If you need this changed, please contact Foxbright support.
  • Display Date: This field is used if you want to override the date.  This is free form text, so you can change to anything such as: “Tuesday, 12/14/2015” or “Please Volunteer”.
  • Document: If the main news article is in a document, it is possible to browse on your PC and upload it here. This document will be accessible via a link from the news article listing. An external link can also be added to the article if more information is being provided on a different page or website.
  • Document Link Name: If uploading a document, you must enter a link name. This text will be the link text that shows with the News Article and opens up the document.
  • Post Detail: If you have more details for your article, you can put the full information in the Article Detail. You can add photos and style the text as needed. If you add any information here, the system will automatically add a “Read Full Article” link to the news article under the title and summary.


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