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Displaying News Articles on a Page

The “News” presentation is best suited for a page where it can use the full width of the web page. "News Headlines" are better suited for being placed in a page's columns, such as some homepages.

Creating News Pages - Required Fields

There are several fields associated with each News Page. Some are required, some are optional. These fields allow you to customize various options such as whether or not you will show monthly headings or change the number of items displayed on a page.

In this section, we lead you through the creation of a News Page using only the ‘required’ fields. These fields must be populated before the News Page can display news articles. Following this section, we identify and explain the use of the ‘optional’ fields associated with News Pages.

  1. Select the Web Pages tab from the CMS administrative panel and choose Page Tree.
  2. Go to the area of the website where the news page will be. Click on the Settings Icon and choose Add Page to create a new page.
    Note: A news section can be added to an existing page by choosing Edit next to the page’s name.  
  3. Enter the Page/Menu Name.
  4. Click on the Content Button to add content to the new page.
  5. Hover the mouse over where the news section processor is to be added to reveal the options and choose Change Block.
    Note: If a processor isn’t already enabled for the area choose Add Block
  6. A window with a dropdown menu will appear. Select News. Click Change Block.

  7. In the Title field, enter the title that will appear above the news articles as they are displayed on the web page.
  8. In the Section field, select the news section that contains the news articles to be displayed on this page. Save the content window.
  9. Preview the page.  The News Articles will now appear on the page.
  10. Publish the newly created page to make the news page available to the public.

Enhancing News Pages – Optional Fields

There are several ‘optional’ fields available that enhance the functionality & display of the News Page. Following are the optional fields and how they are used.  These fields can be populated when the News Page is created or at a later time using the Edit functionality.

  • Show Month Headings: Select whether or not to divide the news items up by month.
    Note: This feature is not functional in all CMS versions.
  • Items Per Page: Enter the number of articles to display per page. 
  • Show Details Inline (Yes/No):  Set to Yes if you want to display the articles within the existing window. Set to No if you want to display the articles in a pop-up window.
  • RSS Enable, RSS Stream Title, RSS Stream Description - see Using RSS to View News Articles for a detailed explanation of the RSS functionality.
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