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Adding a Custom Form

You must have permissions to add a new custom form.  If you do not see the Forms menu or Add Form option please contact your web administrator.

Add Form

  1. Click on the Forms tab on the left of the Administration Panel.

  2. Click on Add Form. The Form Properties form will be displayed.

Form Properties


  1. Type the name of your form into the Form Name
  2. Type the text you would like to appear in the button at the bottom of the form in the Submit Button Label Often this will be things like “Submit”, “Register” or “Send Response”.
  3. Other Form Options:
  • Use Default Info Fields – Clicking this can save time. It automatically adds typical personal information fields to your form including name, address and phone details.
  • Require SSL – Forces the form to use SSL to ensure that the form data is submitted using a secure channel.
  • Show Captcha – When this is turned on, the user must enter the 4 characters shown as a graphic. This should be used if you are receiving SPAM responses.
  • Description – The description will appear at the top of your form. This is visible to the public when your form is displayed. The description can be used to name the form and provide any instructions for completing the form.
  1. You may save the form at this point or you can select the Form Completion Settings tab at the top.

  2. Click on Save to create a blank form and enable the Form Fields tab option.
  • When you save the form for the first time, you will see the form in the list of forms.
  • To finish creating your form, you will need to Edit the Form by clicking on the form name or clicking on the “gear” icon and selecting edit.



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