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Creating a Custom Form

Once a form is created, it can be placed on any page. A form will not be available to the public until it's been placed on a published page.

Only users granted permission to the form feature will be able to add a Custom Form. If the Forms option isn't available, contact a Web Administrator to be given permission.

Adding a Form


  1. Hover over the Forms tab on the left of the admin panel and click the Add Form button, or click Forms to navigate to the forms lists, where an Add Form button is also available.
  2. The New Custom Form Properties will be displayed.

Form Properties


  1. Give the form a Form Name
  2. The Form Status will determine if the Form is available to accept submission. Note: Forms will not be available to the public until they are placed on a published page, so the Form Status is typically left to Open/Active unless the submission period has ended.
  3. The default Submit Button Label is “Submit." The text on the submit button can be customized with this field.
  4. Use Default Info Fields can save time by automatically adding typical personal information fields to a new form including name, address and phone details. These fields can be edited or deleted if not needed. When set to No, the form will be created with no initial fields.
  5. The (optional) Description will appear above the form once placed on a page. The description can be used to name the form and provide any instructions for completing the form if desired. Alternatively, descriptive information can be added as content on the page where the form is placed instead of adding it to the form itself.
  6. Click the Form Completion Settings to reveal additional settings for the form.
      • Notifications - The Notification Addresses determine who will receive form submission notifications. The Notification Email Subject will add text to the submission notification emails.
      • Completions - Determines what happens when a visitor submits a form. Show Message will display the message added in the Form Completion Message area. Redirect to Page allows setting a page to navigate the visitor to once they've submitted to the form.
      • Confirmations - Determines if the submitter would receive a confirmation email. For a submitter to receive a confirmation, an email field would need to be added to the form. Form fields are able to be added after a form is saved the first time.
  7. The Permissions tab allows giving additional staff members permission to edit the form.
  8. Save the form and the blank form, or a form with default fields (if selected), will be created.
  9. Edit the form to begin adding form fields. See Adding and Editing Form Fields for more information.



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