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Managing Forms and Responses

Staff can be provided different levels of access to forms and form responses ranging from being able to view and export responses, to being able to edit responses, or manage a form in its entirety. Contact a web administrator to update permissions as needed.

Managing Forms

  1. Click the Forms option from the admin panel to navigate to the forms list.
  2. Click the gear icon next to a form to reveal options relating to the form. Note: The Export and Manage Responses options will only be available for forms that have submissions to them



Opens the form properties so that fields and other form settings can be updated.


When Export is selected, form submissions within a chosen date range can be exported in spreadsheet format. If no dates are selected, all responses to the form will be exported.

Manage Responses

Clicking manage responses will navigate to a list of all responses to the form. Responses can be viewed, edited or deleted, depending on a user's permissions.  When a response is deleted, it is only marked as hidden, and can be restored if needed.


This will duplicate an existing form but will not copy the responses. This feature can save time when making another form with the same or similar settings of an existing form. Once a form has been copied, the copy can be edited and adjusted as needed.

Delete Form

This will remove the form from the site. Once the deletion is confirmed, all form submissions will be deleted.

To preserve the form and its submissions while removing it from the live site, the form can either be deleted or hidden from the page where it has been placed, or the page can be deleted or hidden. Additionally, the form can be edited and under the Form Properties tab, the status can be changed from Open/Active to Closed/Archived. This will mark a form as closed on the page where it has been placed and prevent additional submissions.

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