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Other Form Options

Based upon your permissions you will have various options.  See your web administrator if you don’t have an option for your form that you need.

You can access the form options from the List Forms and selecting the gear to the right of the form name.

Delete Form

This will remove the form from the site. If clicked, you will be redirected to a confirmation of the deletion to prevent accidental deletions. All form submissions will be deleted.

Export Form Submissions

When you select this option you will be able to export form submissions based on a date range.  By default all responses will be exported.

Manage Responses

 You will be able to search submissions to find a specific response or set of responses.  You can select a response to view, edit or delete if you have permissions.  When a response is deleted, it is only marked as hidden, so you can undelete the response.

Copy Form

This will duplicate an existing form but will not copy the responses. This feature is helpful if you need to make another form with the same or similar settings of an existing form. You can make adjustments to your copy by editing the form.

Form Status

When a form is initially created, it is in the Open/Active status.  At any time you can set the status to Closed/Archived.  When a form is closed, the form will no longer be active on the website and users can no longer submit the form. Users will see a message that the form has been closed.  You can set a closed form to open if you wish to use the form again.

To access the Form Status, edit the form and select the Form Properties tab.

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