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Expandable Content Blocks

Rich Text content blocks can become expandable under a click-able title which can be clicked to reveal the content. This is useful when a larger amount of content needs to be on a page, but doesn’t need to be displayed unless the site visitor wants to view it. Consider using Expandable Content Blocks when adding a collection of links and files that can be categorized or when adding information on a variety of subjects that can be accessed individually as opposed to having one long page of information.  Possible uses for Expandable Blocks include but aren’t limited to:

  • Listings
  • Transparency Documents
  • HR Documents
  • Media/Library Resources
  • Long pages of Resources that can be categorized

Creating an Expandable Content Block

  1. Edit the page where Expandable Content Blocks will be added.
  2. Add a Rich Text content block to the page.
  3. Check the checkbox at the top of the editor to enable the Expand/Collapse Block feature.
  4. The field for the Title of the Expandable Block will be revealed.
  5. Add a Title to be displayed on the page for a user to click on to reveal the content that is inside the rich text block. The title is a Heading 2 (H2).
    Note: Adding a title is important as the expandable block won't function / look correct without it.
  6. Save the content block and the Expandable Block will be added to the page.  (Repeat Steps 2-6 for each expandable content area).


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