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Making a Page Password Protected

Before making a page Password Protected, create a Protected Group. After completing this step, the Protected Group can be assigned to a page so that it requires the visitor to login to view the content. It is assumed that the pages that are to be protected have already been created.

  1. From the Foxbright CMS Admin panel, click Web Pages.
  2. Find the page that will be password protected.
  3. Click on “Settings” from the gear next to the page.
  4. Expand the area labeled Password Protected Page Settings.
    • Select “Yes” for Is Password Protected Page.
    • In the Login Page Message, enter the message to be displayed on the login page. If left empty, the page will have a simple login prompt and credential fields.
    • Under Group Assignments, select the 1 or more protected groups that should have access to this area of the website. Note: Any CMS User/Staff and/or Guest Account assigned to the group(s) in the Assigned Groups list will have access to this page and all sub pages.
  5. Save the changes and publish the page to activate password protection.
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