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Using Newsletters

The newsletter feature is a segment of the news module that allows a simplified display for a list of periodicals such as newsletters or board meeting agendas. They work in the same way as news except newsletters only require you to upload a document, give it a display title, and set the display and archive dates. This method can be favorable to listing  school newsletters or announcements on a page as it can set how long they will be displayed, and the most recent document will be at the top of the list. 

Creating a Newsletters Section

  1. Login to the Foxbright CMS
  2. Click the News tab on the left of the Admin panel and select Add News Section.
    Note: If Add News Section isn't available, contact a web administrator to be granted permission.
  3. Give the newsletter section a Name and select Newsletter from the Type dropdown.
  4. Additional editors for this newsletter section can be added by clicking a user's name to add them to the Selected Editors in the permissions area.
  5. Save the news (newsletters) section to make it available to add documents to, and to be placed on a page. The news section can be edited again at a later date by selecting Manage News Sections.

Adding Newsletters to the News Section

  1. Click the News tab on the left of the Admin panel and select Add News Article.
  2. Selecting the newsletter section from the Primary News Section dropdown will automatically change the available fields for the news article to what is required for a newsletter type section.
  3. Give the newsletter an Article Title. This title is what will be displayed once the newsletter section is placed on a page.
  4. Choose the Publish Date. This date determines when the newsletter will appear on the page, and in what order it will be listed relative to the other newsletters added to this section.
  5. Choose the Archive Date. This date determines when the newsletter will be removed from the page and sent to the archives.
    Note: When adding the newsletter section to a page there is an option to show archives. This provides a link for site visitors to access the archived newsletters.
  6. Click the Select New File button to select and upload the document to be linked.
    Optional: In the Shared On area, select other newsletter sections to show the newsletter elsewhere.
  7. Save the newsletter to add it to the newsletter section.

Adding Newsletters to a Page

  1. From the Page Tree, edit the page that will display the newsletters.
  2. Hover over or click on an available section on the page where the newsletters will be displayed and select Change Block. If no sections are available, hover over or click on an available grey area under a content section and choose Add Block.
  3. Select Newsletters from the Select Block Type dropdown list and click Change / Add Block.
  4. newsletter_link.jpgAn Edit Newsletters window will appear where the section can be given a Title. The title will appear above the newsletter section on the page.
  5. Select the newsletter section to be displayed on the page from the News Section dropdown list.
  6. Choose Yes next to Show More News Link to provide a link for users to view archived newsletters.
  7. The Current and Archived Newsletter Text fields allow customization of the 'more news link.' This is helpful if the newsletter feature is being used for other types of content such as board meeting minutes.
  8. Choose Yes next to RSS Enabled to activate a button for users to subscribe to the newsletter section using RSS.
  9. If RRS is enabled, adding a title and description to the RSS Title and RSS Description fields will help the subscriber identify this particular RSS feed once they have subscribed to the feed. More on using RSS.
  10. Sharing Settings turns on a link for each article in the list to be shared as a link or on social media. This setting is mostly used for full news articles, but is available to newsletters for certain situations.
  11. Save the newsletter section to add it to the page. The page will need to be published before the newsletters will be available on the live site.
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