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Adding Jobs and Job Categories

Adding Job Categories

  1. Click the Jobs tab from the admin panel to navigate to the Jobs list.
  2. Click Job Categories button to navigate to the Job Categories list.
  3. Click the Add Job Category button.
  4. In the Name field, type in the name of the category to be created. An optional description can be added for internal purposes.
  5. Click Save.
  6. To reorder job categories, click Sort button. This will determine the order job posts are displayed on the page.
  7. Click and drag the job category titles to the order they should be displayed.
  8. Click Save.

Adding jobs

  1. Click the Add Jobs button in the sidebar, or click Jobs to navigate to the Jobs list and click the Add Job button.
  2. Give the Job a Name reflecting the position being hired for. This name becomes the link text for the uploaded job description file.
  3. Select the Job Category.  If the needed job category is not listed in the drop down list, refer to Adding Job Categories.
  4. Select the Building where the job will be offered. If the building is not listed in this drop-down list, Web Administrators can add or edit buildings from the Configuration tab. 
  5. Type in or select the Publish Date that the position should first appear on the job postings page.
  6. Type in or select the Expiration Date that the position will close and automatically be removed from the job postings page.
  7. Select whether the job is Part Time or Full Time. The selection will be reflected on the job post.
  8. Click on the Select New File button to upload the job description for this position. This document is required as it is where the potential applicant will read all the details about the job.
  9. The Description field for the file is optional and not displayed on live Job Postings pages.
  10. Click Save button.

Note: If a Jobs list block has already been added to a page, newly created jobs are available immediately.

Editing Jobs

  1. Click the Jobs tab to navigate to the Jobs list.
  2. Find the job posting by using the search fields and clicking Search.
  3. Click on the Settings icon next to the title of the job position to Edit, or click Delete to remove it.
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