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Displaying Job Postings on a Website

  1. Click on the Web Pages tab and choose Page Tree.
  2. Navigate to the area in the site where you would like to add the jobs listing page.
  3. Click on the Settings icon next to the page where the job posting page will be added and choose Add Page.
    Note: Job Postings can be added to an existing page by selecting Edit.
  4. Type in the Page/Menu Name for the job listings page and press the tab key.
  5. Save the new page.
  6. From the Page Tree choose Edit for the page the job posting is being added to.
  7. Choose Change Block in the area you would like to add the Job Posting and choose Job Posting from the dropdown menu.
  8. Click Change Block.
  9. The Job Posting processor will now be visible on the page.
  10. Publish the page to make it visible to the public.
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