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Introduction to Password Protected Pages

The Foxbright CMS password protected pages is a highly configurable way of controlling access to specific areas of the website. Access can be granted to all or a select number of users.  This supports a hierarchical scheme in which certain users have access to all areas, and others to only certain protected areas on a site.

Staff, Users and Guest Accounts

Staff, CMS Users and Guests can be assigned to 1 or more Protected Groups. A Protected Group is a group of users that will all have access to a protected area of the website.  For example, there could be a Staff Intranet Protected Group and an Administrators Protected Group. All staff members are assigned to the "Staff Intranet", but only administrators (Superintendent, Principals, etc.) are assigned to both the "Staff Intranet" and the "Administrators". The system will require any website visitor to authenticate or login (LDAP enabled) to access the protected areas of a website. 

Getting Started

Clients that have purchased the Password Protected Pages feature can follow the 3 steps for setting up password protected pages on their website:

  1. Create a Protected Group & Assign Users/Staff
  2. Create Guest Accounts & Assign to Protected Group (optional)
  3. Password Protect Pages on a Website
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