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Introduction to Password Protected Pages

The Foxbright CMS password protected pages module (aka password protected zones or PPZ) is a highly configurable way of controlling access to specific areas of your website.  It allows you to create as many password-protected areas in your website as desired.  Access can then be granted to either all your users or to just a sub-set of your user group.  This allows you to even set up a hierarchical scheme in which certain users have access to all areas, and others to only a subset of the protected areas on your site.

Staff, Users and Guest Accounts

 All user information can easily be managed using the tools that are built-in to the Foxbright CMS administration panel.  Staff Members can quickly and easily be assigned to a group.  Guest accounts can also be created as needed to allow access to protected areas of the website.

 Staff, CMS Users and Guests can be assigned to 1 or more Zone Groups.  A Zone Group is a group of users that will all have access to the same information on your website.  For example, you can create a Staff Intranet Zone Group and an Administrators Zone Group. All staff members are assigned to the "Staff Intranet", but only administrators (Superintendent, Principals, etc.) are assigned to both the "Staff Intranet" and the "Administrators".   The system will require any website visitor to authenticate or login (LDAP enabled) to access the protected areas of your websites. 

Getting Started

If you have purchased the Password Protected Pages Module, simply follow the 3 steps for setting up a password protected zone on your website:

  1. Create a Zone Group & Assign Users/Staff
  2. Create Guest Accounts & Assign to Zone Group (optional)
  3. Password Protect Pages on your Website
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