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District Website Alerts

District Website Alerts are a useful way to be sure your visitors get important information upon arrival to you website. Alerts can include but are not limited to: closings, delays, meetings, and events. Alerts make use of the Foxbright News module, specifically Headline news. When an Alert is added, the publish date and archive date determine when the alert will be visible. The alert will automatically show on the publish date and will be removed on the archive date. Multiple alerts can be displayed at the same time.  The alerts will be shown as a drop shadow window on top of your home page as shown below. The visitor must close the alert before he or she can navigate the website.

Website Alerts are a part of a website’s template and need to be set up by a Foxbright support staff member. If  the District Website Alert feature needs to be added, please contact us by emailing

Setting up Website Alerts

  1. Select the News tab
  2. Select Add News Article
  3. Fill out the form as show above selecting:
    • Primary News Section:  “District Closing & Alerts” (or “Emergency Alerts” depending on what the district calls this news section”)
    • Enter the title
    • Enter the Publish & Archive Date
    • Set Headline News to Yes
    • Enter additional information to be displayed in the Summary.
  4. Save the News Article.
  5. The Alert will automatically show on the date entered in “Publish Date” and will hide on the “Archive Date”.
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