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Font Awesome

Font Awesome is a collection of icons including social media and file-type icons. The feature allows the size and color of the icon to be changed as well as application of animation or rotation effects to the icon.

Adding a ‘Font Awesome’ Icon

  1. Edit the page a Font Awesome icon is to be added to.
  2. Edit a content block and place the cursor where the icon is to be added.
  3. Click the Font Awesome button from the rich text toolbar.FA.png
  4. The available icons will be displayed in a selector window. Clicking one of them will select the icon.
  5. The Filter field can be used to narrow the results. For example, type “arrow” in the filter field to display icons related to “arrow”.
  6. If necessary, use the available controls to adjust the icon's appearance.
  7. Click OK and the icon will be added to the Rich Text Editor.
  8. Save the Rich Text Editor to have it added to the page.
  9. Preview and Publish the page to see the changes on the live website.
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