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Create a Protected Group & Assign Staff/Users

The first step in using password protected pages is to create a protected group.  This is a group of people that will all need access to the same information on your website.

Note: Only Web Administrators can create Password Protected Groups

  1.  Log in to the CMS Control panel
  2. Click Protected Pages
  3. Click the Add Protected Group button.
  4. Enter the Group Name and the Group Description.  These are the only fields that are required to create the group. Optional settings include:
    • Allow Change Profile - allows guest accounts to update their profile information and password. Please contact Foxbright Support if you will use this feature.
    • Landing Page URL - leave this blank. To learn more please see Advanced Features.

  5. Search for and add CMS Users to the group from the Add Users to Group area.
    Note: Guests are not the same as Users. Users are typically staff that have an account in the CMS. Guest accounts can be created for other parties to have access to Protected Pages. For more information see: Adding Guests to a Group.
    • You can use the Add All option to assign all staff/users to the group. 
    • Users can be added to as many groups as desired.
  6. Select the Save button to create the Protected Group. Protected groups can be edited or deleted from the protected pages area at any time.

Protected Group Permissions

Staff members can be granted permission to manage each group. This is useful for teachers that want to password protect pages, so that only students may see the pages, and would need to control access in the group. Under the Permission to Manage Group, select the staff member(s) that will have access to this group.

Click on the users name in the Available column to move them to the Selected column. Users in the Selected column have permissions to manage that group.

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