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Create a Zone Group & Assign Staff/Users to Zone Group

The first step in using password protected pages is to create a zone group.  This is a group of people that will all need access to the same information on your website.

Note: Only Web Administrators can create Password Protected Zone Groups

  1.  Log in to the CMS Control panel
  2. Click on the Protected Pages

  3. Click on the Add Group option from the drop menu.
  4. Enter the Group Name and the Group Description.  These are the only fields that are required to create the group.

    • Allow Change Profile - allows guest accounts to update their profile information and password. Please contact Foxbright Support if you will use this feature.
    • Landing Page URL - leave this blank. To learn more please see Advanced Features.

  5. If you already have CMS Staff/Users that you would like to add to this group, you can search for them and add them to the group under the “Add Users to Group”. (This is different then Add Guests to Group.)

    • Simply select the name in the "Available" column to move to the "Selected" column. 
    • Please note that there is a search option to quickly locate any user/staff member. 
    • You can use the Add All option to assign all staff/users to the group. 
    • Users can be added to as many groups as desired.

    Note: It is important to realize that Protected Zone Guests are not the same as Users/StaffUsers are added and maintained on the Users option, and are people that you would like to have access to the CMS administrative panel in order to maintain the website. 

  6. Select the Save button to create the Zone Group.
  7. After saving, you will see your newly created zone group in the list. At any time it is possible to come back to this list in order to edit or delete a zone group.  Please note that you must first remove all users from a group before it can be deleted.


Zone Group Permissions

You may assign permissions to a staff member to have access to this group. This is useful for teachers that want to password protect pages, so that only students may see the pages. Under the Permission to Manage Group, select the staff member(s) that will have access to this group.

Simply click on the users name in the Available column to move them to the Selected column.  You can also search for a user by name. Users in the Selected column have permissions to that group.

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