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Create Guest Accounts & Assign to Protected Group

Once a protected group has been created, it may be necessary to create guest users (guest accounts) to assign to one or more protected groups. 

Guest Accounts are different than CMS User/Staff accounts in that they do not have rights to the CMS Admin panel. Guest Accounts are typically used for students or parents to have access to a password protected area of the website. See Create a Protected Group & Assign Staff/Users for more information on creating protected groups and assigning users.

Create a Guest User

  1. From the CMS Control panel click on the Protected Pages
  2. Click on the Guests button to view the list of guest accounts or to create a new guest account.
  3. Click the Add Guest button.
  4. Enter the information about the account. Required fields are indicated with the red asterisk.
    • The Username must be unique from all other guest accounts and CMS User/Staff accounts.
    • A password must be assigned to the account
    • A first and last name are required.
  5. The new guest account can be assigned to any of the groups shown in the Group Assignments box under "Available Groups". Click on the Group Name to add it to the Selected Groups list. Guests can also be added to Protected Groups by editing the Protected Group.
  6. Save the guest account to add it to the Guest Accounts list.
    • Guest Account can be edited at any time.
    • Deactivate the account by setting Can Logon to No. The guest user will no longer have access to any password protected areas.
    • Delete a Guest Account by select the gear to the right of the guest account name and selecting Delete.
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