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Password Protected Pages Advanced Features

Password Protected Pages has 2 advanced features:

  1. Anonymous Login - auto authenticates a user based upon IP address
  2. Group Landing Page URL - When a user authenticates, the user is redirected to the page set.

Anonymous Login

When staff are logged into a trusted network, the Anonymous Login feature can be used to eliminate the need to re-authenticate to access the password protected pages.

This feature should not be used by schools that do not have separate networks for staff and students as unauthorized entry by students logged into the network could occur.

If the network is secure to authorized users, this feature can safely be used.

  1. Select Protected Pages to view the protected groups.
  2. Find the group in the list, click the gear and select the Edit.
  3. Locate the Anonymous Login Section and
    • Set Allow Anonymous to Yes
    • Enter 1 or more IP addresses (separated by commas) associated with the safe networks.
  4. Select the Save button. Changes will take effect immediately.

Group Landing Page URL

The Group Landing Page URL allows a website to have 1 login page for all users, which then directs the user to a specific page based upon their assigned Protected Group.  For example, there could be a staff resources page and a board of education page that are both protected. Different protected groups can be created for each area. When a staff member or a board member logs in, they will be directed to the specific page they have access to. If this feature would be useful, please contact Foxbright Support for help in setting this up.


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