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Adding New Spotlights

  1. Click Spotlights in the left hand menu of the admin panel and select Add Spotlight.
  2. Select the Spotlight's Primary Group, the Group in which the Spotlight will be displayed. The Spotlight can be displayed in additional Groups by selecting them in the Secondary Spotlight Group area.
  3. Give the Spotlight a Title. The Title can be publicly displayed once placed on a page or hidden.
  4. The Spotlight Description area is for a brief summary/description about what the spotlight is. Most Spotlights contain a link or a file, so the Description is a good place to explain or summarize what the link contains.
    Note: Clients sometimes use Spotlights to display content better suited for a News Article, which allows full articles worth of content added in the Article's Detail, which will generate a sharable article page for that content. When a large amount of information is being shared, consider using the news feature or rich text content. Alternatively, link a spotlight to a separate page with that information.
  5. Click Select New Image to Upload to add an image for the Spotlight. If a Size Category was added to the Spotlight Group, the Image Wizard will open to allow cropping/resizing of the photo. See the section Creating Spotlight Groups for more on Size Categories.
    Note: If the image is smaller than the size category assigned, the Image Wizard will require a larger image. Learn about Using the Built In Photo Editor (Image Wizard)
  6. If the uploaded image has information/text not included in the title and summary, the information must be added to the Image Alt Text field for ADA compliance. If the image is purely decorative, leave the Alt Text Field blank.
  7. A Link can be added in the link area. An external link can be added, or a page selected from the page tree by selecting the page tree button next to the Link field. Clicking View Files from the Select Link popup window will allow linking to an uploaded file. If the file is not already uploaded, it will need to be added in the Images/Files area of the admin panel.
  8. Type in the Link Text you want displayed for the link. If left empty, the default link text is "More..."
    Note: for compliance, the spotlight title will be used as a label for the link. Spotlights are one of few areas where generic link text is acceptable. 
  9. Set Yes or No for the desired link destination. Yes (new window) is the recommended default  for external links and linked files.
  10. Save the spotlight. It will automatically appear on pages the spotlight group, or secondary spotlight groups, have been placed.


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