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Creating a Spotlight Group

Spotlight Groups are a collection of spotlights to be displayed on a web page. Spotlight groups are typically organized by what page spotlights are going to be placed on such as a building, or department e.g District Spotlights or High School Spotlights. Spotlights can be shared among multiple groups, and the group itself is placed on a page to display all of the Spotlights assigned to that group.

  1. Click Spotlights in the left hand menu of the admin panel and select Add Spotlight Group.
  2. Give the group a Name, typically something related to what area of the website the group will be displayed such as: Middle School Spotlights.
  3. Description is optional and is for internal reference only.
  4. Select the Size Category associated with Spotlights from the Size Category dropdown. This feature enables the Image Wizard photo resizing/cropping tool when adding a photo to spotlights so they can be edited to the same size. If no Size Category is selected, any images bypass the Image Wizard, allowing any size photo which may result in distorted images. Only Web Administrators have the ability to add new Size Categories in the Configuration menu.
  5. In the Permissions area, click the name of a user in the Available Editors column to add them to Selected Editors to grant them access to the Spotlight Group.
  6. Save the Spotlight Group.


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