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Displaying a Spotlight Group on a Page

    1. Edit the page in the Page Tree where the spotlights are to be added.
    2. Hover over an available content block and select Change Block, or Add Block if a new block needs to be added to a section of the page.
    3. Select Spotlights from the Select Block Type dropdown and click Change Block
    4. The Edit Spotlights window will appear where the following settings can be changed:
      • Title -Adds a title above the displayed spotlights
      • Spotlight Group - Determines which spotlight group is displayed
      • Number To Display At Once - Controls how many spotlights are displayed at once. A pager and "View All" link will accompany the displayed spotlights so that all will be available to the site visitor.
      • Layout Style - Allows control of if the spotlights are displayed vertically or horizontally, and how the text will be wrapped. Vertical alignment works well for groups placed in a column, while Horizontal can look nice in full width content areas.
      • Image Effect - Adds effects to the spotlight's image such as a shadow or border.
      • Maximum Image Dimension - Determines what size to limit spotlight images to. Most spotlight groups are associated with a size category and can be left unrestricted unless it is wanted to have them display smaller than the size associated with the group.
      • Default Link Text - If left empty in the Edit Spotlight window, and individual spotlights don't have their own Link Text assigned, the default link text on most Foxbright websites is "More..."
      • Advanced Javascript Override - Spotlights can have additional customization added with Javascript coding. This is rarely used.
    5. Save the Edit Spotlights window. The Spotlights will now be displayed on the page once it has been published. New spotlights added to the group will automatically appear on the page.
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