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Password Protected Files / Folders

In addition to pages, file folders can also be password protected. This is useful for organizations wanting to ensure sensitive documents are not available to the public. Password protecting a folder uses the same method as protecting a page. Use the following guides to create Protected Groups, assign staff or guest accounts to the group, then assign the group to a folder:

Assigning a Protected Group to a File Folder

When adding a protected group to a page, it may make sense to assign the same group to a folder associated with the protected page. New folders can be created for this purpose, or existing folders can become protected. Note: If files that are available on public pages exist in a protected folder, they should be moved to a non-protected folder.


  1. Click the Files option in admin panel menu.
  2. Click the Folders button to view the list of existing folders.
  3. Click the Add Folder button or click the gear icon for an existing folder and choose edit.
  4. In the Add / Edit Folder page, click the tab for Folder Protection.
  5. In the 'Is Protected Folder' field choose Yes.
  6. Click to add any of the Available Groups to the Selected Groups area to allow assigned accounts access the files.
  7. Save the folder. All files in the folder will now require a logon to view or download the file, even if a user has a direct link to the file.


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