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Intro to Page Editing

This guide covers the basic process of editing page content. For more detail on using the Rich Text Editor, or other page editing functions / settings, see all Page Editing User Guides.

Finding the Page


  1. Login to the Foxbright CMS admin panel by adding /admin/ to the end of the website's URL. Only accounts given a username/password and set to be able to login will be able to access the admin panel.
  2. Select Web Pages from the side menu
  3. The page tree will display all the pages the account has permission to edit.  Click on the (>) icons to expand the page tree. Only pages with subpages can be expanded.

Editing a Page


  1. Edit a page by clicking on it within the page tree. Alternatively, other common editing options can be revealed by clicking the pencil icon.
  2. Hover over, or click within, an existing content block to reveal the editing functions for the block.
  3. Click Edit to open the editor for the content.
    Note: If a new block needs to be added, hover over the area below an existing block to add a new block. Blocks can later be rearranged by clicking and dragging the directional arrows button displayed in the editing functions for existing blocks.
  4. Save the block once the content has been edited. 

Previewing the Page


  1. While editing the page, click the Preview button in the floating header to enter preview mode. Click the Close button to return to the edit view.
    Note: Preview mode can be accessed directly from the page tree from the editing menu.
  2. Select Undo/Revert to Published from the page's editing menu in the page tree to reset the page to its last published state.

Publishing the Page


  1. From the edit view, content editors will have a Ready to Publish which will alert their publishers that a change has been made to a page. If an account has permission to publish pages, this button will say Publish and will make the changes go live once selected.
    Note: Publish and Ready to Publish are both available, respectively, from the page's editing menu in the page tree.
  2. If a page in the tree has a checkbox next to the page's title, an unpublished change has been made to the page. Multiple pages can be published from the page tree at the same time. Check the box next to each page that should be published and click the Publish Selected button to publish all selected pages. 


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