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Adding Facebook Messenger to a Website

The Facebook Messenger widget can be added to any page on a website, or to all pages of the website by using the script blocks settings available to Web Administrators.


Use the Facebook Developers documentation to begin creating a widget through Facebook Messenger.

Adding the Widget to Specific Pages

Once customized, Facebook should provide 2 codes that should go on any page where the widget is to appear. These codes can be added to the same plain text editor block on any page, or added to a shared script via Configuration>System>Shared Scripts. Once a shared script has been created, the script can be placed on any page by adding a Shared Script block and choosing the Script created for the Messenger widget.

Adding the Widget to All Pages

The Script Block Settings allow Foxbright clients to add a code to all pages in their website. Choose the Script Block Settings from Configuration>System>Script Block Settings.

The code should work within either of the body script blocks available. To put the widget at the bottom of the page, use the Body Bottom Script Block field for the main embed code. The shorter code Facebook provides can be added to the Head Script Block field as shown below. Save the Script Block Settings to add the widget to the website. If any issues are encountered, contact



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