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Linking and Embedding Google Maps in Content

Create Google Map

The same basic steps can be used for any other mapping provider.  Google is represented here, as it is currently the most common.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the address and click Search.
  3. Verify that the map is pointing to the correct location, then click Share.

Linking to the Google Map

Use these instructions to add a link to the map in a new window.

  1. Copy the website address (URL) from the top part of the Google Link window, or from the Share window.
  2. Edit the page where the link is to be added.
  3. Edit a block an add text to be linked, such as "District Map"
  4. Highlight the text and click the Link Button and paste the Google website URL into the Link URL field.
  5. Select New window for Target.
  6. Click Insert.

Embedding the Google Map in your page

Use these instructions to have the map embedded on a page.

  1. After clicking Share, click Embed Map
  2. The size of the embedded map can be adjusted from the size dropdown tab to the left of the code field. Small is 400px wide, Medium is 600px, and Large is 800px. Select Custom Size to generate an embed code of a different size.
  3. Copy the displayed code from the Embed Map window. 
  4. Edit the page where the map is to be added.
  5. Add a new Plain Text/Embed Script content block and paste the copied google code into the plain text field.
  6. Save the content block and Publish the page.


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