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Prepare your staff directory for import

Use the import function to get all the users into the Foxbright CMS system and create a searchable staff directory for your website.

Creating the CSV file

The import is done using a CSV (Comma Separated Values) file.  The easiest way to create and edit these files is using a spreadsheet program like Excel.  Typically the information about your staff is already in another system (managed by Human Resources) or is in another spreadsheet.  Assuming you already have or can create a spreadsheet with the staff information, the easiest way to prepare the import CSV file is as follows:

  1. Open the example CSV file that you find attached to this forum post in a spreadsheet program.
  2. Open the spreadsheet with all your staff directory data in it.
  3. Copy the information, one column at a time, from the spreadsheet with data into the CSV file
  4. Save the CSV file, ensuring that Excel maintains the file in CSV format and that it does not revert to XLS.


  • If you have a staff member serving in more than one position, create a new row for each building, department or position they hold, repeating the remaining information (name, email) in each row.
  • See the PDF attached to this post for further information on which fields are required and the default values for fields not supplied.
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