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Connecting to an LDAP Server

Getting Started

Establishing a link between the Foxbright CMS and your LDAP server is an advanced configuration option that usually can be completed without help from us, but may require some assistance from our technicians to determine why the LDAP connection is not working.  The attached worksheet is provided so that you can get the information together that you need to configure LDAP in the Foxbright CMS Admin panel.

Configure Your Firewall

One of the most important things for you to do in preparation for the LDAP connection is to correctly prepare your firewall to allow us to connect with your LDAP server from outside of your LAN.  Contact Foxbright Support for your web servers IP address that we will be using to connect to your LDAP Server.  This IP address will need to be added to your firewall rules.

Configure & Test LDAP Settings

Login to the Foxbright CMS Admin Panel. Click on the Configuration drop list and select LDAP Settings.  From your worksheet, add your LDAP configuration settings to the form and Save. 

Re-select the LDAP Settings option from the Configuration drop list. In the upper right corner is a "Test Settings" option.  Select this option.  If everything works, you will receive a success message.  If it fails, make sure that the firewall is properly configured and check your LDAP settings.  If everything is appears to be correct, please contact Foxbright Support so that we can check the error logs to see what the problem is.  Once the test is successful, you can add a test LDAP user account to verify that the user can login to the Foxbright CMS using LDAP. If there are issues, please contact Foxbright Support.

Are you planning on importing your staff directory directly into the CMS?

Make sure that the usernames that you are importing match your LDAP directory, as that is how the CMS looks up each user account to validate the login. 


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