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Site conversion roadmap

If you are new to Foxbright and are putting lots of new content into the site, it can be tricky to know what order to tackle the work in.  Here is a very high-level list to use as you plan your work:

  1. Create a sitemap for your new site.  You don't need any fancy software or drawing skills to do this.  Just create a simple outline in a word processor that lists your main pages, and the pages that would fall right under those pages.  Don't go into any more depth that that.  A common mistake is to make your initial sitemap too detailed, which can lead to additional work later on.
  2. Create a page for each item listed in your sitemap.  Now is a good time to start thinking of a few photos that you could drop on only your main pages (the landing pages).  If you have photos, crop them and put them in.  The sooner things start looking good, the more motivated you'll be to keep working!   Don't get carried away here, the bulk of the photos will come later.
  3. Start pulling text onto those pages.  This text may come from pages on your old website, or documents that have already been written.  Here are a few hints about this step:
    • If you know that you need to create new content, type what you want to go in there and put the word "Placeholder" in it.  That way it is easy to search for all your Placeholders and you won't accidentally go live before you've filled them all in!
    • Resist the temptation to spend a lot of time formatting at this point.  The idea is to get the main pieces of information onto the page.  The page will be easier to rearrange format once you are looking at all the pieces that need to fit.
    • Minimize the use of tables.  These can create formatting difficulties when viewed in different browsers.
  4. Reformat and rearrange.  If you get stuck, please don't hesitate to call us.  Many times we can make suggestions that will help make it look better in less time. 
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