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What to Check if a Post isn't Displaying

If a new post isn't showing up in its assigned feed, here are a few things to check:

  • Check the Publish Date.  If the date is in the future, the post will not show until that date. This allows adding a news post and not have it show until a future date.
  • Check the post is assigned to the correct News Feed.  News feed blocks on pages pull from assigned news feeds.  If the post is in a different feed, it will not appear on the page.
  • Check the Archive Date.  If the archive date has already passed, then the post will not show up on the normal page.
  • If the post should be appearing on a home page or school home page, check the Headline News Setting. Most home pages use the News Headlines block type for displaying news. Edit the post and make sure the Display in News Headlines is set to Yes and the Headlines End Date hasn't past.
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