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How do I have one person receive all Ready to Publish notifications?

There are two ways to do this, depending on whether the user's role is a Web Administrator or Content Publisher:

For Web Administrators

If the user is a Web Administrator, then they will not automatically receive ANY Ready to Publish notifications.  To override this, go to the Configuration tab and click on Application Settings.  Select the Email category and find the option called PublishNotificationEmails.  Put the e-mail address of the user in this field and they will immediately begin receiving all Ready to Publish notifications generated by the system.

For Content Publishers

If the user is a Content Publisher, then it is only necessary to make sure that they have publish rights to all pages in the system.  On the Users tab, find the user, click the gear icon next to their name, and select Permissions. On the Pages tab find the Can Manage Any Page permission and make sure that it is set to Yes.  This will grant the user permission to publish any page in the system, and therefore the user will receive all Ready to Publish notifications.

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