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I'm putting in next year's calendar events and they aren't showing. Why?

One of the available settings in the CMS is to show "Current School Year" events.  In the system, the current school year runs from August through July.  That means that if you put next year's events into the system in July, they won't start appearing on your calendars until the first of August. 

If you want them to show sooner than that, it is easy to change.  Here's how:

  1. Go to the Configuration tab and click on Application Settings
  2. Pick the Calendars category, and the first setting is called CalendarMonthsToShow
  3. Select a different months range to show.  This will affect all calendars (not upcoming events or mini calendars) that appear on your website.

Note: The Configuration tab is only accessible to web administrators. Contact the organization's web administrator if the calendar month range should be changed.


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