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How does one reorder "quick links"?

Special menus like Header, Footer, and Quicklinks menus take their order from their location in the page tree. This workaround allows reordering of quicklinks, as used in this example, although the same could be used for footer or header menus:

  1. Remove all pages from your Quicklinks, if you have any.
  2. Add a main section of your website called Quicklinks.
  3. Hide that section from all navigation (so that it doesn't appear on your main navigation bar)
  4. Add a page for each link you want to appear in the quicklinks menu
  5. For each page use the Page Redirect feature to redirect the "quicklinks" page to the real destination page in your site.
  6. Add the page to the Quicklinks menu.

All of the above uses the Page Settings area accessed through the gear icon next to the page in the page tree.  

Now that you have a special set of pages for quicklinks, you can sort them in whatever order you want, by simply reordering the pages in your quicklinks section. Reorder these pages by clicking the gear icon next to the quicklinks parent page and selecting Reorder Menu.

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