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Embedding a Twitter Feed

Many districts are using social media to engage with their community. Embedding a Twitter feed can attract visitors to the social media page, and provide an easy way for updates to automatically show on the site.

Note: Sometimes a Twitter feed code can benefit from css code adjustments for optimal display. If the feed doesn’t display in an ideal manner, contact about embed code adjustments to help match the district website. 

Generating a Twitter Feed Code

  1. Visit
  2. Paste the URL to the twitter page in the search bar and click the next button.
  3. Choose the display option for the embed - Embedded Timeline will generate a feed of the account's timeline.
  4. An embed code will be displayed which can be pasted in a plain text block in the Foxbright CMS. A Preview of the feed will display below the configuration options.
  5. Recommended: Click the set customization options link to adjust the height, width or color color of the feed. For embedding in a column area of a webpage, a width of 250px wide and a height 500px is a good place to start. These settings can be adjusted according to the area and desired display on the website.
  6. Click the Update button to re-generate the embed code with these settings. 

Embedding the Twitter Feed on the Website

  1. After logging into the Foxbright website, edit the page the feed is to be added to.
  2. Add a new Plain Text / Embed Script content block to the page.
  3. Copy and paste the provided code into the content block.
  4. Preview the page to be sure the feed is displaying properly.
  5. Publish the page when satisfied.
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