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Creating and editing photo galleries

Photo galleries provide an easy way to display a collection of photos on a webpage.  The galleries can be presented in several formats when placed on a page. All galleries are created the same way and the display type is determined by which photo gallery block type is used on a page.

  • Slideshow - The Slideshow is a self-contained display for galleries not located in the focus image area.
  • Photo Board - Photo Board displays a grid of photo thumbnails which can then be enlarged by a visitor for full-size viewing.
  • Banner Rotator - The Banner Rotator is designed for use in focus image areas.
  • Photo Carousel - The Photo Carousel fans out images in a gallery so that a visitor can tab over images on either side of the carousel to engage rotation.


The Foxbright Admin Control Panel Menu contains features a user has permission to edit or manage. Within the Photo Galleries tab, a user can List Photo Galleries to view the galleries they have access to. The gear icon next to galleries in the list provide the options to Edit or Delete the gallery. Galleries can also be edited by clicking their name on the list.

Creating a photo gallery

  1. The Add Photo Gallery option will create a new photo gallery.
  2. Give the photo gallery a name and click Next to save the gallery and continue to the Edit Photo Gallery page. Tip: Give the gallery a useful name for organizational purposes.
  3. In the Edit Photo Gallery page, the Information bar is expandable and will display additional settings for the gallery:
    • Name - The gallery can be renamed if necessary.
    • Size Category - If the gallery is going to be used on a home or building landing page in a Banner Rotator gallery, or if it is desired to have all images in the gallery be cropped to the same dimension, the corresponding size category should be selected prior to adding photos. This setting will engage the Image Wizard photo cropping tool as photos are uploaded.
    • Building - If a website is using Themes (a different set of colors/styles) for each building, or sub-sites for individual buildings, a building should be selected for the gallery so that the gallery perma-page reflects the correct colors/menu for that building.
    • Editors with Permissions - Multiple accounts can be clicked and added to the Selected Editors list so they can edit the gallery.

Saving the gallery at this point will save the gallery settings and add it to the user's photo gallery list, or they can begin adding photos to the gallery.


At the bottom of the Edit Photo Gallery page, there are buttons to Add a Photo, Save, and Cancel.

  • Add a Photo - Adds a new image to the gallery
  • Save - Saves all changes made to the gallery
  • Cancel - Reverts all changes to the galleries Information area and closes the gallery. Cancel will also undo any reordering done to the images in the gallery. Tip: images are saved to the gallery as they are added. To remove any newly-added images, they must be deleted.

Adding photos to a gallery

  1. Click the Add a Photo button at the bottom of the Edit Photo Gallery page.
  2. Click Select New Image to Upload to add a new image file from computer.
  3. If a Size Category has been selected for the gallery, the Image Wizard cropping tool will open. Directions for Using the Image Wizard. Tip: If no size category is selected, the built in cropper will not be available for the gallery. If a new size category needs to be added to the website for this gallery, Web Administrators have the ability to add new size categories.

    The Following fields are available for each photo uploaded:

    • Image Alt Text / This is decorative (one or the other is required) - Alt Text is required if the image contains important information or links. Marking an image decorative, instead of using alt text,  is recommended if the image is for decorative purpose only.
    • Name - Will be displayed in gallery captions when applicable.
    • Description - Will be displayed in gallery captions when applicable.
    • Link - Add an internal or external link the image. Paste in the destination URL if linking to an external source, use the Select Link button to link to an internal page or file.
    • Link Text - adds text for the selected link. Default link text of 'Read more...' will be used if no link text is added. Tip: for ADA compliance, descriptive link text is recommended, however, if the default link text is desired for this gallery, the system will use the photo name as screen reader text.
    • Open Link in New Window – Select Yes if the link is to open in a new window.
  4. Save the photo to add it to the gallery.

Editing / Reordering / Deleting photos within a gallery

  • Reordering Images - Once multiple photos have been added to a gallery, they can be drag-and-dropped into the preferred order. Tip: if the gallery is going to be used as a Banner Rotator, there will be an option to Randomize Images in the block settings once added to a page. 
  • Delete an Image - click the Delete button on the photo and confirm the deletion.
  • Edit Image Settings - click the Edit button on the image. Tip: an image can be swapped for a new image by editing the image then choosing Select New Image to Upload. This will retain all other settings for the image.
  • Save the gallery to apply changes to the gallery. Tip: the Cancel button will not undo deleting or adding new images to the gallery. Only changes to the gallery Information settings and image reordering will be reverted through cancelling the gallery.
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