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Using photo gallery cards / photo board

A new block has been added to display photo galleries called Photo Gallery Cards. This new method of displaying images creates a customizable grid of images that can be expanded by a site visitor in a similar fashion as the thumbnail style of gallery.

  1. Add or change a Content Block on a page and select Photo Board from the block type list. By default, images will be displayed stacked on the page in full width.
  2. Click Advanced Options to reveal the following display settings:

    • Tile Layout - fits images onto the page based on image size and proportion. Works great for large photo galleries containing a variety of image size/proportions. Turning Tile Layout off will place images into an evenly spaced grid.
    • Number of Photos in Row - Determines how many images will be displayed per row when viewed on a desktop computer.
    • Show Image Name/Description - Displays the image’s name and description as entered into the image properties inside the photo gallery.
    • Lightbox Pop-ups – When set to yes, clicking on an image will expand it and provide toggle controls to view previous/next images in the gallery. When set to no, clicking the image will open the image in its full size and will allow a visitor to download the full size image
  1. Save the Photo Gallery Cards properties window. Publish the page to make the gallery visible to the public.
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